Our Community Corner

We want to make sure that the people who live or visit Venice are aware of all of the wonderful neighbors who make up our community. Whether you are a Business Owner, Restaurateur, Artist, Musician, Filmmaker, Storyteller, Dancer, Craftsman, Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Techie, Philanthropist, Community Organizer (or too many more to list), we know you have a lot to share with the Venice community. We are hoping this spot will be a central place where everyone is welcome to gather.

1- Stage for:
• Historical storytelling
• Creative storytelling
• Ted Talks with neighbors
• Movie screenings – filmmakers and actors in the neighborhood will be invited to talk about their films.
• Artists
• Musicians
• Comedians
• One-person shows
• Plays (maybe even sneak previews of plays that are set to run at one of our local black box theaters)
• Dance performances
• Classes
• Art Projects
• Whatever else you can come up with!

2- Curated Booths for:
• Stores to introduce or reintroduce their wares
• Restaurants to introduce or reintroduce their food and beverages
• Galleries to share new artist exhibitions with the community
• Artists who don’t have galleries or spaces to show their work
• Charities to share with people what they do, and let the community know how even the little time you can offer still helps
• People in the community that are doing things neighbors need to know about and support
• Space for classes for kids and/or adults – anything people would like to share
• Activities, such as classes or arts and crafts.
• Whatever else you can come up with!
***Basically if you are down an alley or around a corner we want to help the neighborhood find you!***

3- Open space for:
• Morning Tai Chi
• Morning Yoga
• Dance

4- Additional ideas:
*We think a stage can be fun for having a fashion shows, costume contests, and to help with events such as a pet adoptions.
*We would love to be a part of favorite events like the Art Crawl and The Venice Film Festival.
*We want to work with local artists to create a rotating mural on our stage, where we can feature Venice artists-at-work – and provide a fun photo op for Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, et al.

Lastly, we will of course be monitoring noise considerations and anything else necessary with the nearby neighbors when we have presentations in the Community Corner.